Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kopi Tahi Musang, are you dare to try?

Do you like to drink coffee? why not you try this Kopi Tahi Musang (fox shit coffee) or Kopi Luwak. I found it when visited Bali couple years ago. This coffee is very popular in Indonesia and the price is the most expensive than other coffee in this world.

Why did they say this coffee is the best? It's because the foxes are choosing only male coffee seeds to eat. The male coffee seeds are the best taste, some more after eaten and digest by foxes they took and roasted it.

If you got a chance to visit Bali or any other city in Indonesia, you must to try this coffee. It's expensive but worth to try. :)

This pic has taken at the Kopi Luwak Shop @ Bali


cikliah said...

halal ke diminum ?

Hana said...

cikliah : if you are talking abt halal or haram.. i dunno how to answer u.. hehe

actually eventhough we had stop at the Luwak Coffee Shop but they served us a Bali coffee not the Luwak coffee since the price is too expensive. If we want to try, we need to pay for it..

Some of us had tried and they said the taste is so good. but i myself never tried the luwak coffee coz tak lalu hahaha

joe said...

seram la nak minum kopi ni

Santos said...

is this coffee selling in malaysia? if yes, where can i get it?

KC said...

euwwwwwwww! tak sanggup nak minum! anything yg keluar dari lubang tu tak yah laa...LOL!

hana said...

joe : kalo seram jgn minum k... hehe

santos : i dont think u can find it in Malaysia

akk KC : hahahaha tak exotic la camnih ;-)