Monday, March 29, 2010

What I have brought back from Pekan Nenas?

Pineapple Replica at Pekan Nenas

what else? for sure the pineapples which is so famous there. FYI, below are Nenas Sarawak, if i'm not mistaken. They also sell nenas Moris (mcm yg selalu jual kat kedai runcit or supermarket here) for RM0.80 each but it's much bigger than yg selalu beli tu.
RM10 for 6 pineapples? wooww!! the size is not a small size k !
So sape2 yg nak jln2 ke Johor, singgahlah ke Pekan Nenas yer... bole beli nenas kasi sedara mara sket ;-)

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