Monday, March 29, 2010

UK Education Fair 2010 @ KLCC

Some brochures that i have brought back ;-)

Post graduate programmes offered by at least 30 Universities at UK

Impian setinggi KLCC

I had visited UK Education Fair @ KLCC on 21st March. It was so interesting and made me so excited to make my dream come true ;-)

Some universities that i really wanted to go are Leicester, Leeds, Nottingham or Wales. Thinking to pursue my MBA abroad.... hahaha but i've no money ;-) It's ok, at least i have a plan to move forward. I should stick to my dream. no matter how hard let's Allah show me the way.

So my mission now "HOW TO GET RM100,000 WITHIN A YEAR" coz i wanted to go next year?? I'm not intend to ask for scholarship tp kalo ade yg nak kasi bole jugak kih kih kih

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